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Our customers and website visitors privacy is paramount to us and we comply with the obligations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


All email communications are securely encrypted. We use emails to contact our customers and third party suppliers.

Ip Address and Cookies

Your IP address is classified. We use cookies to collect information from our website visitors. By using cookies our website remembers your visit (by remembering your IP address) and is able to load a page and its content quicker. Cookies also help us understand user behaviour, which helps us to develop the user experience. Your IP address is classified.

If you do not want us to view your cookies, you will need to disable cookies each time you visit the website or update your browser settings to disable cookies.


We use Google Analytics to track the visitors flow and interaction during their visit. Google Analytics collects other information such as demographic, general location and search terms.

Contact Form

Our contact form enables you to send information directly to our email address. This is an encrypted service.

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